Boards blog – Eyjafjallajökull versus the EuroCup

The search for courts

As you might know CBS Sport began its history in 2006 where it was founded. With great ambitions it took not more than two years to have ten different sports to offer. However, starting from scratch with no own facilities in a municipality where new sports arenas and football pitches are something you can only wish for, it has sometimes been hard to get optimal conditions for all our sports.

The volunteers of CBS Sport – coaches, sport responsibles and the board – are doing a huge effort in this regard. CBS Sport has a representative in Frederiksberg Idrætsudvalg, we have one member in each of the sports committees under Frederiksberg Idræts Union, we have weekly contact with the municipality of Frederiksberg and we are trying to convince CBS that sport facilities are a “must have” at all great business schools and universities.

CBS Sport Floorball and CBS Sport Basketball Men have an urgent need for better conditions next season and I am hoping that the problems will be solved during the summer period. If not, we are fighting continuously, always in the dream for the better.

Eyjafjallajökull versus the EuroCup

The yearly trip to Paris was unfortunately scheduled at the same time as the volcano Eyjafjallajökull decided to blend the air space across Europe with ashes. That meant that only a bit more than half of the CBS delegation made it to Paris to compete for the EuroCup. The ones who reached Paris did a fantastic job and brought home several trophies, just like last year. Well done!!!

The other half tried everything they could to get to Paris, but the chaotic situation all over Europe couldn’t make it possible. Unfortunately we haven’t succeeded in getting the entry fee back for the ones who didn’t get the chance to enjoy an afternoon at Champs-Elysées. We did everything we could but in a force majeure situation there was nothing we could do. We are very sorry for that.

Enjoy the summer and see you next season for more sport and fun.