Boards Blog – New homepage and more

A new season in CBS Sport has begun, new members have enrolled, new activities are being planned, winnings on the fields is being celebrated, losses are being evaluated and most importantly a very high level of enthusiasm and engagement is taking place, right here in CBS Sport.

Every year at the beginning of a new semester, CBS Sport is being challenged in many and different ways. This time, we have done all in our powers to meet with these confrontations by a re-structuring of the organization in April, by introducing our new homepage in June, by an immense marketing campaign in August and September, and by introducing more social activities such as the picnic in September, CBS Sport Challenge in October and a Nexus event in November in order to make the integration of our new friends more easy.

During the summer we have been working on starting up e few new sports. CBS Sport Running Team is the first one to join the family and we are welcoming Rasmus (Head of the running team) with open arms. Two years ago CBS Sport had a running team, however, at that point we had no clue about how to have an organized practice schedule for runners and therefore we had to withdraw the team from our program. But we never give up in CBS Sport and that is why we are so pleased about starting up a “real” running team, lead by a pro. You can read more about the Running Team elsewhere in this newsletter.

CBS Sport has lately gotten involved in the newly appointed network of organizations at CBS. We are now a part of a group of around 20 student-run organizations who are trying to increase cooperation between our organizations, hoping that it will give us many benefits in the future. I wish every one of you a great season and I am looking forward to seeing all of you on campus, on the fields, in the many indoor arenas, at the Christmas lunch, and wherever we might meet. Good luck and enjoy the newsletter.

Chairman, CBS Sport

Karina Ildor Jacobsgaard