Campus Relay – Want revenge for last year?

Campus Relay 2014 – join us

Love to run? Love having fun? Keen on challenge? The annually CBS Sport Campus Relay will from now on be April’s big event! Sign up for the relay with three of your buddies and beat your professors at CBS’ Campus the 28th of April! Best of all? It’s totally free!

Beat your classmates

CBS Sport invites you to a sweaty afternoon at CBS’ Campus the 28th of April. The track will pass by Solbjerg Plads and Kilen while your classmates – drying up like raisins in the library – can gaze at you through the windows.

This is a fun and unique chance for meeting both professors and fellow students at a different platform. You sign up in teams of 4, where each of you will run 2.4 km.

The sign up is totally free, there will be prizes sponsored by Academic Books, Frozberry, Pågen and Parken, freebies for all runners and everyone will be rewarded with a fabulous CBS Sport t-shirt.

There will be different categories you can get prizes in; students, employers/alumni, best costumes etc.

Come and join – there’s room for everyone

The relay will take place the second week after Easter: Monday the 28th of April (still gives you some time to start training, and enough to get off that chocolate after Easter), and the start will be at 4 pm.

If you are keen on taking on a challenge with your friends, all you have to do is tie your shoes and sign up here and see who else is participating on facebook here.

Volunteers needed

Don’t fancy sport that much? We also need volunteers!

We need help organizing and making the day awesome: putting up poles, guiding the participants along the route (and make sure the don’t cheat!), giving out sandwiches and water etc.

It is also pretty sweet getting to put this on your CV; we all know everyone’s looking for an extra curricular activity to fill up that column, and like this you can write “CBS Sport Campus Relay 2014”.

Is this you? Send Victoria Beichmann an email,

We are really excited for this spring’s sporty outdoor event, and hope you are too! See you the 28th of April!