CBS Sport 10 years. What a journey it has been.

On the 30th of March CBS Sport reached a marking point in our history. 10 years ago the club took its first steps in becoming the great organisation that we are today. This was all celebrated at Solbjerg Plads with great speeches from prominent people, cupcakes and drinks.

What a journey it has been!

“It all began with a brainstorm 10 years ago”, as Jonas Brandt, one of the founders of CBS Sport, started his speech. Three teams in three different sports (football, handball and basketball), have now evolved into being the sixth largest club in Frederiksberg with over 600 members and 22 teams divided on 9 sport (besides the three original sports; badminton, floorball, rugby, skaterhockey, tennis and volleyball).

Throughout the years CBS Sport has continuously provided sports activities, not only for our members, but for all the students and staff at CBS (here Jonas Brandt was pleased to see that Jens Gyldenkærne, as a staff member, is an active volunteer in CBS Sport). Events such as the Campus Relay and Dodgeball Tournament have drawn people together in new friendships across nationality and study programme. And that is some of the things that CBS Sport has offered, every single year since 2006 – the possibility to gain new friendship in the spirit of sports.

Great results

Through the 10 years the teams at CBS Sport has continued to grow together with the vision of the organisation. Promotion after promotion in sports such as football, handball, and basketball is a proof of our members’ willingness to dream big, just like the founders of CBS Sport did back in 2006. Several newspaper articles and trophies through the years is a proof that our members has made their mark in the history of CBS Sport, and it is a proof of our members continuous willingness to get out there and let people know who we are, and what we stand for!

So we have had a lot of great sporting results, not only in the first years of CBS Sport histories, but also in the late years. And we now have teams, like our basketball men and women, our floorball team and skaterhockey team who play in some of the best leagues possible.

International tournaments

– But what more? In the years of 2007-2011 CBS Sport participated in several university tournaments in Paris. Chairman of CBS Sport, Stine Corlin, participated in a couple of these and said in her speech at the celebration, that “I can say that those tournament really got people to bond across sports. When you are in Paris for five days, cheering for the other sports and partying with each other every night you will get a lot of new friends.” As chairman, she also mentioned her hope of CBS Sport once again going abroad to international tournaments, so that we can bring home more trophies for the clubroom, and strengthen the bond between our members even more!

Great volunteers

In principal of CBS, Per Holten-Andersens speech, he emphatized the importance of active students and a good campus environment, where he saw CBS Sport as a great provider! Furthermore he was a big fan of all the volunteers of CBS Sport – along with Jonas Brandt and Stine Corlin, and ended his speech with a toast for CBS Sport and all the people who made a 10 years anniversary possible.

Thank you all!

We can’t wait to see what the future brings, but one thing we know is that we will continue to move forward in the spirit of sport!

And with that CBS Sport would like to thank the founders of CBS Sport, all of our previous and present members for their engagement in their sport and CBS Sport. We would also like to thank our beloved volunteers for the great job that they do. And last but definitely not least, a great thank to Copenhagen Business School, who has supported us from the first small steps to where we are now and most definitely for their support in the coming years – thank you CBS – for letting us throw balls in the lecture halls!

See more pictures from the day here.