CBS Sport Badminton at Valby Open

CBS sport badminton was represented at the Valby Open tournament for the second year in a row and with more than 10 participants this year. Once again the sky was the limit as everyone signed up for the D-tournament and hence everyone was hoping for some easy matches to conserve energy for the main event of the weekend; the annual beer rally.

The day started early for the mix-double players who had to play their first matches at 9.00 a.m. With mixed performances we succeeded in advancing one pair to the rounds of 4 which was scheduled for Sunday. After the mix doubles the tournament got started for the rest of the club and after stellar play we qualified one men’s double, one woman’s double and 3 men’s singles for the rounds of 4.

As the last matches of Saturday was coming to an end we were getting ready for dinner and everybody preparing mentally for the beer rally. CBS Sport secured two out of the ten entries for the competition. However, unforeseen events such as bribery and flat out cheating led to our first team ending somewhere in the middle of the pack with the second team finishing dead last. Therefore, this is definitely where we need to see improvements for next year and the training will be starting soon.

The night progressed and Saturday became Sunday which meant one thing – we now had two birthdayboys on our team! Perhaps the two most handsome of us all, turned 20 and 22 years, respectively. With the speakers blasting out Taylor Swift – 22, they were served their mandatory birthday shots. Safe to say, if the party was a competition, CBS badminton won.

Early next morning the semi-final qualifiers had to compete for the first places. In the men’s singles we secured 3 out of 4 spots and as the last qualifier did not show up, we were locked for first place, second and third. Due to hangovers and injuries none of the matches were played.

The remaining semi-finals were all lost and therefore resulted in third places.

One dishonourable mention goes to the birthday boy Casper aka. Fløde, who showed up on Saturday for his matches with a raging hangover, losing his matches with a considerable margin.

On Behalf of CBS Sport Badminton,

Jens-Emil Nielsen