CBS Sport Basketball is starting 4th team

CBS Sport basketball is in a great increasing development when it comes to men’s basketball. Nearly 90 players have showed up at tryouts on our men’s teams so far, in a mix of Danish and foreign players creating a fantastic diversified environment.

The level varies from players who have little experience to players who as recently as last season competed in the very best league in Denmark – ‘Canal Digital League’. So no wonder the players are excited for the upcoming season.

The man who will be coaching the 4th team is Canadian native David Hoyer:

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to play and coach for this new team. I would like to put a team together that is competitive every game of the season. We will hopefully be competing in the challenging Serie 1; the same division as the third team. I hope that we can get a good group of guys who are motivated to play together and to play hard this season. Also I look very forward to playing the third team and showing them who the real third team is. Hopefully I will see you all this Monday 21:30 at Frederiksberg Ungdomsskole.”
– David Hoyer.