CBS Sport Basketball season kicks off soon!!

The ladies 1st team

The ladies 1st team has their season kickoff at the 31st of august, and has tryouts for the first four weeks at mondays and wednesdays practice, after which the team is formed at a maksimum of 20 players. This year the 1st team has applied to advance to 2nd division, and is currently awaiting answer from the Danish Basketball Union.

The ladies 2nd team

The ladies 2nd team is this year playing in a tournament as well, also awaiting answer from the danish basketball union. They start practice at the 31st, and the team is open for everyone.

The mens 1st team

The mens 1st team is this year participating in 3rd division, and will be playing a trophytournament as well. They start practice at the 24th of august, BUT practice at Nyelandsvej Skole doesn’t start before the 9th of september, which means that there are only tryouts on mondays the first couple of weeks. The 1st team has also tryouts for four weeks.

The mens 2nd team

The mens 2nd team is a brand new team – moved from Falcon Basketball klub to CBS Sport Basketball. We are more than happy to welcome them, and look forward to see them play in Sjællandsrækken. They will start practice on the 26th of august, and will have tryouts for the first four weeks.

The mens 3rd team

The mens 3rd team starts practice at the 1st of september, and will also have tryouts the first four weeks. This season the 3rd team will be participating in Series 1 East.

We look forward to start the season!

If you have any questions, please check out our website:, or write/call the Head of Basketball: Henriette Krogh, +45 25 60 97 74,