CBS Sport Board doing teambuilding paintball!

Back in June the “new” board had a teambuilding event in order to get to know each other better. For the first time in CBS Sport’s history, all elected board members – besides the Chairman – were new to the task and with only a few of the members knowing each other before entering the board, a teambuilding event was most welcome. Unfortunately one of the board members had to cancel last minute due to sickness and since the minimum of players is eight, the remaining board members had to be creative in order to come up with a last participant. Luckily, a shout out to the Party Crew’ was successful: Søren Beck from the Party Crew left what ever he was doing and joined us for a game of paint ball.

The afternoon started with dinner in beautiful and cozy surroundings on Café Ovengade oven Vande followed by a short bike ride to the former Eurovision venue at Refshaleøen, where the actual event was to take place at the paintball arena just next to the huge B&W Hallerne.


The court was an area with different shaped obstacles and surrounded by net walls and roof, as to stop the paint balls from shooting outsiders. After four rounds of “catch the flag”-variations in mixed teams, it was decided (mainly by the guys) that it would be more fun to do guys against the girls in the last round. Furthermore all guys agreed to strip down to boxers, so that their face masks and boxers where only protection against the blows from the paintball shots – which hurts quite a lot.

Boys vs. girls

As most of the guys where somehow experienced “paint ball’ers” and outnumbered the girls five to three, it might not be a big surprise that they quite quickly managed to run from their end of the court to the opposite corner, where the girls had taken a stand. Here they more or less surrounded the girls’ team and emptied their magazines on them. Hence the guys managed to come out of the last game with quite few blue paint stains and bruises, compared to how exposed they where in their boxers only.


The teambuilding event however left all the participants with lots of bruises, but everyone was in great spirit and it was all-in-all a perfect warm up for the CBS Sport Summer Party the following day. So if some of the participants at the party looked like they might have been beaten up, it was probably just a board member who had been playing paintball the previous day!

Best regards,

Mette Roed-Kristiansen
Member of the CBS Sport Board