CBS Sport Christmas Party 2012

Deadline for signing up for the Christmas Party was yesterday the 4th of November, but there was also a limited number of seats – both deadline and the maximum number of participant was reached! Yet again CBS Sport Christmas Party proved to be the most popular party of the year!


On facebook we’ve been updating you on the statistics, and here are the final statistics:

  • 46% Football
  • 28% Handball
  • 9% Rugby
  • 7% Badminton
  • 7% Passive Members
  • 2% Tennis
  • 1% Basketball

Badminton took a final sprint and made it as the fourth best represented sport at CBS Sport Christmas Party! Furthermore this CBS Sport Christmas Party is going in the history books as the party with the best representation of sports in CBS Sport! Give yourselves a round of applause.

Lets party

We look forward seeing you all on the Saturday the 17th of November – to see the adress, how to get there and so on, please click here.

If you have any questions regarding the party, please contact us on

We are looking forward to a blast of a party!

All the best Christmas wishes
The Party Crew