CBS Sport Christmas Party 2013

CBS Sport Christmas Party 2013 – Fun as always

The Party Crew had to overcome never-seen-before obstacles, but at the end the Christmas Party was saved after all..

Once upon a time, it was a dark and cold, cold evening.

The CBS Sport Christmas Party was about to start.

The Panther had greeted each guest in his handsome Christmas outfit with a huge hug and a “Ho ho ho – Meeerry Christmas!”

Upstairs people were joyfully drinking, playing Cykel Meyer and chatting away, looking forward to the party that was about to start…

However, as the clock had struck six the Party Crew realized that the FOOD was not coming!! “Oh no! What to do?!” said one member of the Party Crew to the other. “I don’t know!” replied the other member. Stunned by the realization of the food not coming they called for help from the other members of the Party Crew. “I know what to do”, one said. “We’ll call a Chinese place. They can surely get us a buffet at this time of night!”

After many, many hours the guests finally got some food down their hungry, hungry stomachs along with free schnapps – granted by the Presidency to make up for the delayed food.

The New Standards Awards

The New Standards Award was handed out together with the Player of the Year Awards from respectively CBS Sport Football and CBS Sport Rugby – congratulations all!

The rest of the evening went on with great music from DJ Reeact (Football’s very own Rhieanne Saunders) and lots and lots of drinks, beer, and slush ice shots.

And so, the Christmas Party 2013 was saved after all!

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and humble thanks to everyone for being such a great sport about the whole night!

The CBS Sport Party Crew

Katrine, Christina, Linda, Lars, Theis, Søren and Casper