CBS Sport Day once again a big success

As it was the case in the fall of 2010, CBS Sport took over the area in front of the Library at Solbjerg Plads on the 26th of Januar, to let everyone know about the possibilities in CBS Sport.

Around 20 volunteers was representing our 9 sports, and a lot of interested CBS students stopped by to hear about the possibility to do sports at CBS. The atmosphere was great, and especially Tennis and Badminton seemed like the big hit of 2011.

2 weeks later, the same event took place at Dalgas Have to make sure all CBS’ers had the chance to meet our volunteers – unfortunately Dalgas Have was not not that well visited by classes that day, and only a few students stopped by.

One thing is sure though – after the summer break, CBS Sport will be back to show all the new students at CBS that just because you started working on your proffesional career, you should never forget to do sports!