CBS Sport Floorball wins double-header vs. IK Viking Rønne Floorball 2 in Bornholm

CBS Sport Floorball took the trip all the way to Bornholm to play both the home and away game vs. IK Viking Rønne Floorball 2, since the intial home game was postponed. CBS Sport Floorball needed two victories in order to secure first place in the division. After slow 1st and 2nd periods in both games, CBS Sport Floorball pulled away to win both games despite going out in Rønne the night before to have a look at the local scooters.

Now, only one game remains vs. Vallensbæk Floorball 3 on the 13th of March. If CBS Sport Floorball is able to win this game it would secure first place and a direct access ticket to 2nd division floorball!!!