CBS Sport Football Awards

 – As promised, CBS Sport Football are now proud to announce CBS Sport Football Awards!

Dear members of CBS Sport Football

As some of you were devastated about the postpone of the CBS Sport Christmas Party, we decided to throw a massive football party – and this is now it!

The party will take place on Saturday the 11th of February at 1700!

The venue will be at Kjeldsgårdsvej 20, 2500 Valby.

The main event at the party will be awarding Player of the Year on our teams in CBS Sport Football, but we will make sure to serve you good food, have good offers in the bar and a dance floor just waiting to be attacked.


You find the event here: – make sure to invite your friends!


Tickets for this legendary party is sold at CBS Sport Webshop; Dinner Tickets cost DKK150* and After Dinner Tickets cost DKK70.

Find the tickets HERE or below.

*sold out!


17:00 Happy Hour
18:30 Dinner is served
19:45 Admission for ADT-holders
20:00 Player of the Year Awards
21:00 Dance floor opens


  1. Kiri Christensen
  2. Cecilie Bøttger
  3. Thomas Staalager
  4. Jeppe Udklit Svendsen
  5. Jesper Jacobsen
  6. Birita Hammershaimb Christiansen
  7. Joachim Satchwell
  8. Christina Walldeskog
  9. Birgitte Brems
  10. Bianca Wilson
  11. Jonas Jensen
  12. Karen Mantay
  13. Nikola Rajnicova
  14. Marlen Knoph
  15. Tenna Hamdrup
  16. Sarah Skov-Pedersen
  17. Lars Rye Pedersen
  18. Christina Knudsen
  19. Pia Schou Nielsen
  20. Morten Brenøe
  21. Casper Koll
  22. Frederik Leen von der Recke
  23. Sarah Weibel
  24. Laura Vestrup
  25. Mona Otte
  26. Marie Scoppa Mouritsen
  27. Eva Østergaard Skaarup
  28. Camilla Carlsen
  29. Rakel Hindriksdottir
  30. Jacob Rasmussen