CBS Sport Football team 2 kicks season off with a big win

…and what a start! The ref. had barely started the game before Allan made a pass to Klaus, who sent an elegant shot in a soft loop over the HB goalie, who honestly looked a bit rusty though he had the sun in his face. After this great start CBS was in full control, and especially the midfielders did a great job and had a lot of ball possession. Most of the play was focused around the centre of the pitch, with a minor tendency to be a bit too narrow, however in this part of the game HB wasn’t dangerous in front of the goal at all. They barely had a real chance, and the few times HB made it to the CBS’ half of the pitch the defence and goalie were in full control. Though, CBS tends to back a bit too much, but HB has yet not been able to exploit this.

After 22’ play Allan sends a brilliant pass deep down in the left side to Steffen, who unluckily misses the goal by 2 feet. After 5 minutes pressure from HB where they had a couple of half chances, CBS looses the ball at the centre, and HB makes the equalizing goal after 29’ play. However, the CBS guys doesn’t seem effected by this and keep fighting, and already 2 minutes after Allan has a good shot on goal. After 39’ play CBS makes their first substitution; out comes Klaus and in goes Rasmus. The last 10 minutes of the 1. half is very even and the only noticeable action comes from De Lichtenberg, who wins the ball in own defence and dribbles nicely up through the pitch, passes to Allan who tries to find Steffen, but unfortunately it end in nothing, and CBS will have to go to the break with 1-1. An all together approved 1. half, where CBS’ in control without playing gaudy football, and with at least 5 CBS guys looking a bit worn out…

2nd half

Following the break CBS enters the pitch with renewed energy, and already after 3 minutes play Rasmus has a huge chance but his shot from a totally free position end far above the goal. Luckily, the minute after there seems to be a bit of confusion in HB’s defence, which Mikkel exploits perfectly and scores after a good pass from Steffen. After 55’ play Mikkel is substituted with Øland, which means Kristian is now playing wing and Øland in the left defence. After a great start from CBS the guys keep pushing for an additional goal, with all the play being on HB’s half. The release came 5 minutes after where Allan, after a brilliant match in general, scored to 1-3 after an assist from Kristian. In spite of this, HB hadn’t fully given up yet, and right after the goal they had a huge chance, but Søren cleared with a great save. After 67’ play Jens gets his debut on the team as he substitutes with Mads, who had played a good game in the central midfielder position. CBS still has most of the play and HB is therefore a rare guest on the CBS half of the pitch. After a good performance from Kristian he’s substituted with Klaus. In this period of the game most of the play is in the centre of the pitch and it looks like both teams are getting somewhat tired thus, some players taking a small breaks. But then after 74’ play Steffen has a good chance after an amazing pass by Allan. Shortly after Rasmus is substituted for Mikkel. With the game being a bit undulating HB also got their chances, but they seem very vague in their finishes. Though, it’s also in it’s place to pay tribute to the defence who throughout the game delivers a good and solid performance. In this part of the game the most inspiring is Klaus’ ‘television’ tackle in own penalty zone..-nice one!!! With 10 minutes left of the game CBS seems in control, nevertheless the play still seems to be a bit too narrow from time to time. Also, CBS makes their final substitution with Nicolaj going out and Mads entering. With a bit more than 5 minutes left of the game the spectators had settled with a clear 3-1 win, however Jens and Allan had not. So with 4 minutes left Jens scores his first goal for CBS after another assist by Allan; 1-4. But this wasn’t enough for the two of them, so after a shot from Allan, Jens scores his 2nd and CBS’ 5th goal on a rebound. The last couple of minutes of the game are quite even with CBS just interested in hearing the ref.’s whistle. All in all a more than approved game for the 2nd team and definitely a great beginning to the season, though it should be mentioned that HB wasn’t exactly a terrifying opponent. But if the guys keep up the good work, it’s definitely going to be an exiting season.


– 02’: Goal: Klaus – Assist: Allan

– 49’: Goal: Mikkel – Assist: Steffen

– 65’: Goal: Allan – Assist: Kristian

– 87’: Goal: Jens – Assist: Allan

– 89’: Goal: Jens – Assist: Allan


Keeper: Søren

Defense: Kristian, Thomas, Jonas, Jacob

Midtfield: Steffen, Mads, Nickolaj, Allan, Mikkel

Striker: Klaus

Subs: Øland, Jens, Rasmus