CBS Sport Football Women back on the winning track

Weather was awful this early Sunday; extremely windy and hard rain now and then – not good.

Of course our game was played on a pitch facing a way, so that the wind would come from the side.. So there weren’t even any advantage one pitch half over another. Our opponents, The Police, were the leader of our spring season group and the team that we played 2-2 against, even though we all came hung over, so we were ready to get out and kick some Police ass!

The match

After less than 5 minutes play Signe B nicely kicked it in the goal on an assist from Astrid, and CBS Sport Women was cheering like crazy!! Later on in the game Birita laid a fine ball to Eva who more or less had the goalkeeper alone, who chose not to react and stay in her goal.. And when she finally decided to come out of the goal, Eva could easily dribble around the goalie and cool put it in the goal. At the end of the half time, Karina P sent a nice-nice ball from the left side of the field and in front of the goal, which one of the Police players chose to stop with a goalie-kinda hand in the air – and she wasn’t the goalie. So the penalty kick was ruled and Birgitte nicely scored the goal. 3-0 to CBS Sport at half time. Yeah!
In second half the referee ruled a free kick to the Police right in front of the CBS goal. And as it has been seen before, the ball was sent straight into the goal, right over the head of our goalie. Bummer! 3-1.. But CBS Sport wasn’t done! Later on in the game, Knudsen managed to send the ball right in the opposite triangle in the goal! Whether it was a shot for goal or an attempt to do an assist is not known. Anyway, it was a beautiful goal and Eva got the assist instead. 4-1 in favor of CBS Sport! – Which was also the end result.
A great game for CBS Sport and an end on our loosing strike! Hopefully this means that we can win our next games and stay in Series 1. We know we can!

Goals: Signe B (1-0), Eva (2-0), Birgitte (P) (3-0), Knudsen (4-1)
Assists: Astrid (1-0), Birita (2-0), Karina P (P) (3-0), Eva (4-1)


Goal: Cecilie
Defence: Signe P, Signe B, Birgitte, Tine
Midfield: Karina P, Dannow, Astrid, Kristina J
Attack: Eva, Birita
Subs: Karina J, Knudsen, Line

WoMan of the Match: Birgitte