CBS Sport Football Women vs. Bk. Skjold

Sunday 23rd of September 2012


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Norge, B, Blume, Hannah
Midfield: Veronika, Anne-Mette, Birita, Annika, Kathrin
Striker: Lidegaard
Subs: Hansen, AC, Knudsen

Match Summary

0-1 CBS Sport takes it nicely up the middle, from Birita to Annika, who passes it to Anne-Mette, who gets it to Lidegaard, who scores.. Just by the book!
1-1 Due to a quiet goalkeeper, B clears the ball resulting in a corner kick. The corner kick ends with an opponent just outside the box and she kicks it in the triangle. 1-1.

Half time

Second half featured A LOT of chances to CBS Sport, but none that were executed and the end result was 1-1 and 1 point for each..

1-0 Lidegaard (assist: Anne-Mette)

End result: 1-1 DRAW!
Woman of the Match: Annika