CBS Sport Football Women vs. Bk. Union

Wednesday the 6th of June 2012


Players: Cecilie, Brunsgaard, Hansen, Camilla Borg, Lidegaard, Knudsen, Majbritt, Rhieanne, AC, Kathrin

Match Summary

1-0 After CBS Sport started of awesome and everything looked good, besides a lot of half hearted shots, CBS Sport started to go down in tempo.. Just before the final whistle of first half, Bk. Union gets a corner which they fumbles into goal..

Half time

2-0 In 2nd half, Bk. Union actually started to play football and CBS Sport almost never found their play.. A situation in front of goal where the defense was more or less outnumbered ended up with a score.

Result: 2-0 DEFEAT
Woman of the Match: Rhieanne and Kathrin