CBS Sport Football Women vs. FC Nyhavn

Sunday the 3rd of June 2012


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Camilla Borg, Ingrid, Hansen, Nanna
Midfield: Rhieanne, CC, Lidegaard, AC
Striker: Birita, Knudsen
Subs: Majbritt, Birgitte

Match Summary

0-1 An opponent gets alone past the defense and puts it in
0-2 Again an opponent gets past the defense line
0-3 And yet again a goal is scored on a counter attack..
1-3 Rhieanne and Birita plays it nicely up and Birita finishes by putting it right over the goalkeeper

Half time

1-4 A corner kick by FC Nyhavn isn’t cleared and end up in front of goal, where FC Nyhavn quite easily could score.

CBS Sport Football Women found themselves a little exposed since a lot of the regular players couldn’t play today. This meant that a lot of players where put on positions they wouldn’t normally play, which of course took a bit of time getting into. Add a good head wind and you got the first half.

All in all it wasn’t the worst performance by the women’s team, but it most certainly wasn’t the best either..

1-3 Birita (assist: Rhieanne)

Result: 1-4 DEFEAT!
Woman of the Match: Ingrid