CBS Sport Football Women vs. Fremad Amager

Sunday 10th of June 2012


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Camilla Borg, Hansen, Brunsgaard, Nanna
Midfield: CC, Ingrid, Birgitte, AC
Striker: Lidegaard, Birita
Subs: Majbritt, Rhieanne, Knudsen

Match Summary

0-0 CBS Sport started with head wind and a Fremad Amager eager to get in the lead. There were chances in both ends, but in the end of the half, CBS Sport was under great pressure, but the defense tackled it very well by keeping it cool and making sure that the communication was perfect!

Half time

0-1 Fremad Amager gets a fast ball, that both Camilla Borg and an opponent runs for. After getting in the box and Camilla struggeling to get the ball from the opponent, the referee rules a penalty kick. A penalty kick that none of the players understood to begin with and everyone was ready to take a free kick in favour of Camilla Borg. But the referee had ruled penalty kick and Fremad Amager exploided the opportunity and kicked the ball safely in, in the opposite side of Cecilie’s jump..
1-1 CBS Sport keeped up the pressure and Fremad Amager was starting to look tired. About half way through second half the referee ruled free kick a bit outside the opponents box, and Ingrid took advantage of the free kick by kicking it right over the wall and the goalkeeper.

1-1 Ingrid (unassisted)

Result: 1-1 DRAW
Women of the Match: Brunsgaard