CBS Sport Football Women vs. Fremad Amager

Sunday 9th of September 2012


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Nanna, Majbritt, B, Tine, Camilla Borg
Midfield: Kathrin, Blume, Birita, AC
Striker: Rhieanne
Subs: Cat, Camilla “Norge” Knutsen, Brunsgaard

Match Summary

0-1 A Fremad Amager striker gets past Camilla Borg and her shot touches Tine on its way to the goal and gets in.
0-2 A big mess in front of goal with four CBS Sport players and one Fremad Amager striker ends with a free shot that goes in.

Half time

1-2 CBS Sport plays it nicely up and gets a free kick. Blume kicks it towards goal, Birita gets a toe on the ball, which gets it to Rhieanne who puts it in!
1-3 Fremad Amager scores again.
During second half, with only few minutes apart both Nanna and Tine got injured. Nanna was the first one down, running and landing so wrong that she most likely dislocated her knee cap. Minutes after Tine and an opponent goes for the same ball – both gets it, but a big “snap” sounded from Tines leg. The ER later identified the injury as a fractured tibia and Tine now got her leg in plaster. Nanna was picked up by an ambulance, and Tine followed the ambulance in Nanna’s parents’ car.. Truly a terrible day for CBS Sport Football Women.

1-2 Rhieanne (assist: Birita)

End result: 3-1 DEFEAT!
Woman of the Match: Kathrin