CBS Sport Football Women vs. IF Føroyar

Saturday 27th of October 2012


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Norge, Blume, B, Brunsgaard
Midfield: Maria, Annika, Julie, Ingrid, Kathrin
Striker: Rhieanne
Subs: Majbritt, Charlotte, Veronika

Match Summary

1-0 An opponent gets alone with Cecilie who blocks the ball and then gets locked by the opponent who more or less falls over Cecilie. Another opponent gets the ball and puts it in.

2-0 Second goal from IF Føroyar was another free player, where Cecilie did not manage to stop her.

Half time

2-0 Better play from CBS Sport in second half, but not enough.

End result: 2-0 DEFEAT!

Woman of the Match: Kathrin (not by vote, but by dictatorship from the coaches)

Unfortunately the team did not play any good football during first half, which IF Føroyar exploited. Second half was way better, but not enough to turn anything around.

This means that CBS Sport ended as number 4, and gets relegated to Serie 2, as only 3 teams could stay in Serie 1 because of restructuring of the tournaments. But it is fair to mention, that ending as no. 4 is the best ranking CBS Sport Football Women has ever gotten.

And again a great thanks to all the spectators who made a great effort cheering!