CBS Sport Football Women vs. KFB

KFB vs. CBS Sport Football Women

Date: 15th of June 2013
Venue: Kløvermarken

Match day was both very sunny and very windy, giving both teams tough conditions for playing ball.

CBS Sport had already secured promotion, but now had a chance to win the pool – something Coach Jeppe would really like to put on his CV.

As Coach Jeppe put it, this match would be a classic matchup between us as the best defense of the pool and what might be the best offense of the pool. The team’s task was be to continue the impressive 4 match clean sheet streak and hopefully get a couple past their defense. With no less than 13 goals in the last 3 matches Coach Jeppe believed that the team had proven to be more than capable of scoring. But this was the grand test!

Spectators also recognized the possibility of a great match, as both friends, family and the mascot – The CBS Sport Panther – were ready at the side line.


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Signe – B – Darija – Hansen
Midfield: CC – Birgitte (C) – Anne-Mette – Birita – Ellen
Striker: Knudsen
Subs: Sarah, Camilla, Ingrid

1st half

CBS Sport started with the wind more or less in their back, giving the obvious upper hand, as shots forward got far and KFB’s shots towards CBS Sport’s half often got slowed down by the wind.

Both team played quite well, but CBS Sport probably had the majority of the ball possession and bunch of chances – the possibly biggest chance was Birgitte’s shot from the distance that curled just passed the right post of the KFB goal. Furthermore both CC, Knudsen, Ellen, Anne-Mette and Birita had good chances – and even Signe and Hansen had some good runs up the pitch putting a high pressure on KFB.

Another proof of the ball possession, was the fact that KFB had no corner kicks in first half, whereas CBS Sport probably had 6 or 7 corner kicks.

KFB had two notable chances in the first half; one where they shot from the end line, but got saved by a well placed Cecilie, and one from the distance that hitted the top bar and went out to play again.

The half ended 0-0, and CBS Sport would now be playing second half with head wind. Coach Jeppe reminded us to be very much aware of the changed conditions, and not let any balls get out of our possesion due to the wind slowing the ball or likely.

2nd half

The head wind clearly made a difference and CBS Sport took some time before adjusting their play and shots to the wind. KFB exploited this to get closer to the CBS Sport goal, but nothing that got really dangerous as the well working defense made sure to play it safe.

After getting more into the match and adjusting the play to the wind, CBS Sport again got to many chances – but no redemption.

KFB had more shots in second half, but Cecilie noted afterwards that she had definitely not picked up the ball as many times in second half, as the KFB keeper did in first half.

KFB most notable chance in second half, was after a series of corner kicks, where the ball sailed right passed goal and very close passed the back post. Fortunately both Camilla, Ellen and Cecilie was the closest to the back post, so no KFB player made the shot more dangerous than it already was.

With about 20 minutes left, KFB subbed their goalkeeper, giving CBS Sport chance to change the match, and it was obvious that CBS Sport wanted the victory the most during the last 20 minutes. KFB was starting to look tired and despite the head wind CBS Sport had more or less all the play in the last minutes and got so many gigantic chances, both for Birita and Sarah to mention a few, but again nothing that paid off.

The match ended 0-0, and KFB ending as the winner of the pool with a better goal difference of 30-7, compared to our goal difference of 17-2.

In retrospect

As Coach Jeppe put it; “We were the ones to create significantly more chances than our opponents. A fair result would’ve been 1-0 or 2-0, but our inability to convert chances to goals hurt us today.”

Despite the minor dissapointment of not winning today, promotion is still secure and CBS Sport Football Women are looking forward to be back in Serie 1!

Lastly, thank you to all the great supporters including the CBS Sport Panther!

Result: 0-0
Woman of the Match: Anne-Mette