CBS Sport goes to Belgrade!

After a few years of absence CBS Sport will once again go abroad to participate in a university sports tournament. This year the trip will go to Belgrade in Serbia, where we will participate in the Belgrade Sports Tournament (BeST). The tournament takes place from the morning of Thursday April 30th and ends on the evening of Saturday May 2nd.

The price for participating in the tournament is DKK 1.500 and that includes

  • Tournament fee
  • 4 nights at hotel, Wednesday – Sunday
  • Breakfast Thursday – Sunday
  • Dinner Thursday – Saturday
  • Parties Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • BeST t-shirt
  • Free public transport
  • Shuttle bus transport to/from sport venue

Please note that dinner on Wednesday and lunch all days are not included in the price.

Transportation between Copenhagen and Belgrade is also not included, but we are planning to go there as a group. Departure date will be Wednesday April 29th and return date will be Sunday May 3rd. At the moment we have an offer of DKK 1.600 per person for flights, but the price is not final yet.

We will have the chance to participate in the following sports: basketball (male and female), volleyball (male and female), futsal (male and female), football (male), handball (male and female), tennis (male and female) and rugby 7 (male). Furthermore the tournaments includes: swimming, cheerleading, track and field and table tennis.

To make sure that all the teams are filled up there will be a maximum amount of available spots in each team. The number depends on the number of players there can be in a team. The minimum and maximum amount of players are as follows:

  • Basketball (male): minimum 5 players, maximum 12 players
  • Basketball (female): minimum 5 players, maximum 12 players
  • Volleyball (male): minimum 6 players, maximum 12 players
  • Volleyball (female): minimum 6 players, maximum 12 players
  • Futsal (male): minimum 5 players, maximum 12 players
  • Futsal (female): minimum 5 players, maximum 12 players
  • Football (male): minimum 11 players, maximum 15 players
  • Handball (male): minimum 7 players, maximum 12 players
  • Handball (female): minimum 7 players, maximum 12 players
  • Tennis (male): Single
  • Tennis (female): Single
  • Rugby 7 (male): minimum 7 players, no maximum players

Should enough people sign up to a sport so that it is possible to make two teams, this is of course possible. It will though be the people signing up first who will get the spot on the team if there is too many players for one team, but too few for two teams. There will be running updates on this page about how many people has signed up for each sport. CBS Sport reserve the right to close registration to a sport if it looks like not enough will sign up to make a team, or if it looks like not enough for a second team will sign up. Should this happen, people already signed up will either be able to join the trip as a supporter, or get the fee refunded.

Sign-up here
The deadline for signing up and paying the tournament fee of DKK 1.500 is February 15th!

Note: Citizens from European Union and Russia do not need visa for Serbia. Others have to check with the local Serbian Embassy or Consulate for details regarding visa. If you are not a European Union or Russian citizen, it is our own responsibility to check if you need visa for Serbia and applying for it. We will of course help with getting all necessary documents including Official Invitation Letter in order for you to get visa for participating in the tournament.

If you have any questions about the trip contact:

You can read about the sports tournament here:

Gather your teammates and get an unforgettable experience with CBS Sport!

If you want to take a trip down the memory-lane, you can find the pictures from the Paris-trip here


Registered teams:

Basketball, women

Amanda Chin
Derya Gokcen
Yuxian Fang
Linda Boldt
Jelena Durmic
Ailish O’Donoghue
Pauline Schulz
Valentina Biancofiore (supporter)
Hatice Koc
Zuzana Dancova
Stig Christensen (coach)
Latif Mohidin (coach)