CBS Sport Handball Women 2 suffers defeat in the first match

Sunday 4 October our second team played against Vidar 3 in Hyltebjerghallen. Although it was early in the morning (we met at 8 o’clock) the spirits was high, and we scored the first goal of the match.

However after this our luck changed. One of our three back players got injured and could not play. This meant that several players got to try out new positions, which didn’t turn out to be so bad. ( Bodil scored most of our goals from her “new” position) Our biggest problem was the amount of passes we lost, mostly due to lack of concentration and communication. This gave Vidar the opportunity to score many goals on contras.

In between all the things that could have been done better, there were also some positive things that are worth mentioning. We scored on our penalty throws, and we worked together in defense, which resulted in not to many backwards goals. Another good thing to mention was our ability to score on jump shots from the back- which we want loads more of during this season. In the end we lost the game 22-11 a result we definitely intend to improve in our next game against Vidar.

Player of the day: Bodil Frich