CBS Sport invites you to two workshops in February

Only 12 volunteers found their way to the volunteer meeting in November, where a couple of subject about being a volunteer in CBS Sport were to be discussed. Nevertheless, everyone there was eager to find some solutions to how we can improve being a volunteer in CBS Sport in the future

Based on all the things talked about, CBS Sport would like to invite all members to participate in a workshop where will try and find some soecific actions to be taken to improve life as a volunteer with CBS Sport. The workshop will take place on Saturday, February 5th from 12:00 to 15:00. CBS Sport will make sure that there is lunch and something to drink for all participants.

As well as improving conditions for volunteers, a second workshop will be held on February 12th with a focus on getting some more money into the teams, so there is a better chance of getting new clothes, participating in tournaments, and buying more and better equipment. There will be a focus on sponsorships and other means of getting more funds into the teams.

As mentioned, all members of CBS Sport are very welcome to participate in these workshops – You can sign up by sending an e-mail to with your name, phone number and which workshop you would like to take part in.

We hope to see many of you for a couple of constructive days, where we hopefully can get a lot of ideas brought to life.