CBS Sport Panthers won City Cup 2013!

CBS Sport Panthers took home the first trophy ever in their only two year long history! A tremendous achievement given the fact that they beat the defending champions of the European Cup in the final!

CBS Sport Panthers 1st team played City Cup at Vesterbro the 27th – 28th of April. The City Cup was postponed from Friday to Saturday, due to bad weather, which was great because the weather Saturday and Sunday turned out perfect for some skaterhockey!

First day of City Cup

The team got of to a terrible start on the 27th, loosing by 1 and 2 in the two first games, to Vesterbro Starz and Cph. Viking respectively. Even so the day ended with two victories against Rungsted Rage (5-2) and El Diablo (11-4).

Last day of City Cup

On Sunday the ranking matches were played. The Panthers had just barely made the cut, so one thing was sure and that was we had to win the remaining games.

In the semi finals they met Cph. Vikings, the team they had lost to the previous day. The match was intense, and luckily CBS Sport Panthers won 4-3 after being behind 0-3. We had made the finals!

In the final CBS Sport Panthers met Vesterbro Starz, who are the defending champions of the European Cup and the game was even more intense than the semi final.

We’ve managed to get the livescore from the last minutes (the match started 16:30)

CBS Sport Panthers vs. Vesterbro Starz

16:51: Second period. The score is 4-2 in favour of CBS Sport
16:54: Assist from Starz #4 to #22, equalization for Starz to 4-3.
16:56: Starz scores again, by #61 to 4-4
16:56: Timeout called by CBS Sport
16:58: CBS Sport is pressured – several good shots from Starz
16:59: Expulsion for #20 from CBS Sport for holding
17:00: Great battle in front of CBS Sport’s goal
17:02: CBS Sport seems to hold it through the expulsion. 20 seconds left.
17:03: CBS Sport’s team is complete again
17:03: Shot from Starz
17:04: Starz changes in #17
17:06: CBS Sport (#33) scores after several attempts. 5-4 for CBS Sport.
17:09: Starz pressures
17:11: More tackles, Starz #71 gets a free shot, but misses
17:14: The ball is flying from goal to goal. CBS Sport scores to 6-4, by #40, Chrisian Keller
17:16: CBS Sport close to scoring, Starz scores instead by #71, Robin Stilling
17:17: 6-5
17:19: Hard tackle on Oliver Sommer from Starz, sends of CBS Sport #13, Michael Bennedsen. Bennedsen gets 5 minutes
17:22: Several good saves from CBS Sports goalkeeper, #39, Christian Tarp
17:23: 31 seconds left of the game
17:23: The goalkeeper from Starz runs out to give Starz the majority
17:25: CBS Sport wins the game 6-5 and gets the thropy at City Cup 2013!

Through hard work and fine passing, CBS Sport Panthers won the game 6-5 and secured CBS Sport its first trophy for CBS Sport Skaterhockey!