CBS Sport Quiz

As announced in the newsletter CBS Sport now has a QUIZ!

The quiz has been rooling througout August, and in order to give everyone and especially the new members a chance to participate, we’ve put all four questions here and extended the deadline to be on Wednesday the 15th of September.

First, here’s the four questions;

“What is the value code you use to get a CBS Sport discount at City Golf?”
“Which year did KPMG’s sponsorship of CBS Sport start?”
“Which sport practices at Arsenalvej?”
“How many trophies did CBS Sport win at Eurocup 2010 in Paris”
The answer is to be found on and when you’ve got the answer you send it in a mail to together with your contact info.

Only if you answer correct on all 4 questions, you’ll get a chance to win.

Conditions and further information can be found in the abovementioned link. Deadline for answering on the quiz will be the 15th of September, any answers received after this date will not be included in the competition.

Quiz away!