CBS Sport Quiz

As something brand new, we’re going to introduce a quiz in every newsletter. The actual quiz is going to be on, where we from the 1st of August, will bring a weekly question regarding some of the information that can be found on the website. So already now, you have a chance to check out the website and get familiar with the different pages, so you easily can find the correct answers in the quiz. There’ll be one question every week of August, so you’ll have to answer correctly on 4 different questions to be in the lottery.

In practical the question of the week will be announced on and then you’re job is to find the right answer and write it as the subject (e.g.: “Answer: CBS Sport Challenge”) on a mail to Remember to write your contact info in the mail.

The fabulous prize is a free ticket to the amazing CBS Sport Christmas Party!

No quiz without conditions, so to participate you have to be a member of CBS Sport, both while the quiz is on the role and after, so if you are not planning on being a member of CBS Sport for the fall season, there’s no chance for you to win the prize..

Deadline for answering on the quiz will be the 29th of August, any answers received after this date will not be included in the competition.

As mentioned, the prize is a free ticket to the CBS Sport Christmas Party, and this ticket cannot be exchanged to cash. Please note that board members cannot participate in the quiz.