CBS Sport Rugby 10 – 7 Hamlet II



1. Vincent, Mudit

2. Nikolai

3. Chris (C), Andrea

4. Mikkel

5. Endrik

6. Mathias, Ramones

7. Louis

8. Jake


9. Brendan

10. Rob

11. Marc, Brad

12. Peter

13. Julien

14. Denon

15. Nick


On a rainy Saturday May the 15th was the first match of the new 2nd divison east. Both teams had same intention, WINNING THE SEASON 1st place! This is the goal for all the teams in the division.

The match was a rough as the weather and small konfrontations broke out here and there (fights anyone?).

Peter made the only match try swinging in from the side and crash landing with the ball in his hand!

CBS could have gotten another try but the wet weather played tricks on Marc and he dropped the ball. Rob’s foot was in great shape and all kicks were safely put through the posts.

Trys: Peter

Conversions: Rob

Penalties: Rob

Video and picture mix is viewable on:

Next match will be on Saturday 29th vs Speed II. Another strong team that CBS only has beaten once!