CBS Sport Rugby goes to Snekkersten July 31st!

Though short in number of players, the rugby team goes to the national east DM7s tournament.

Sevens rugby is much different from original rugby. The game is only 7 x 2 minuts with 7 players a side but is played on a full size pitch. This means its a fast pace game with sprinting 100% of the time. It is primarily the backs who make the squads. Sevens rugby is in its alltime focus since it has entered the Olympics.

CBS will face Hamlet, Hundested, Speed, CSR/Nanok, FRK and Holsterbro from Jutland. All the following teams play 1st division rugby so CBS is up for a challenge!

The tournament starts at 11.30 at Borupgårdskolen, Smakkevej 2, 3070 Snekkersten

Support is appreciated! Come join us!