CBS Sport was the most winning school at the Eurocup 2009

At this weeks university sports competition in Paris – the Eurocup 2009 – CBS Sport won the overall team competition. Victories in womens handball, mens basketball and mens volleyball gave CBS Sport important points in the overall standings.

Right now the 109 CBS Sport’ers are on their way home to Copenhagen after celebrating the victory together with 400 other students from all over Europe at last nights closing ball in Paris.

Below you can read all about the trip.

The Paris Tournament

On May the 6th of 2009 over a hundred CBS students went to the romantic capital of Paris, however, it was not romance they had in mind but sports. The international sports tournament, Eurocup 2009, was coming up and more than 15 different universities from all over Europe were represented at the 3 day tournament.

And the winner is..

CBS sport was represented by 3 soccer teams, 3 volleyball teams, 2 basketball teams, 1 rugby team, 1 handball team and a group of tennis players – all of them ready to fight. CBS sport won three gold medals, one in volleyball for men, one in basketball for men and one in handball for women and this combined with a range of well deserved silver and bronze medals – therefore CBS Sport ended the tournament as the best overall club.

A social tournament

However, it was not only on the sports fields that CBS Sport was fit for fight. There was also cheering, dancing and singing and the social aspect of the trip was at least as important as the sport itself. With pubcrawls, nightclubs and the sleepovers in the hotel, the CBS Sporters made new connections and friendships across teams, sports, studies and ages. The trip was a great success, and hopefully even more CBS Sporters’ will join next year.

Written by Rikke Krogh, Kiri Weimann and Lene Løvenkrands