CBS Sport welcomes Djøf as Principal Sponsor!

CBS Sport is proud to announce Djøf as new principal sponsor. The parties have agreed on a sponsorship deal for the next year, but both parts hope to start a long-term partnership.

CBS Sport and Djøf are well suited to each other. Djøf provides the framework for Denmark’s strongest network of ambitious and competent “Djøfere”. Djøf’s members use each other for professional development and career coaching, and it is therefore a great match to CBS Sport, as the purpose of CBS Sport is to promote the sport and student society at CBS, and to create a social network across variety of student programmes and sports.

The Sponsorship Agreement

As new principal sponsor Djøf will be event sponsor for the Streetfootball Tournament, which will be held in the beginning of the fall semester, and now goes under the name: CBS Sport Djøf Cup.

Once a year CBS Sport & Djøf will also arrange a professional event, which will be held in one of the auditoriums at Solbjerg Plads. It will be an elite sports performer or similar from Djøf, who will lecture about experiences, and other relevant and interesting subjects for CBS Sport’s members and CBS students. After the lecture there will be networking.

Finally, CBS Sport & Djøf will also arrange an event for CBS Sport’s awesome volunteers. The event can both be of professional and social character and will be held once a year.

Djøf and the Partnership:

“Djøf is delighted to engage in a sponsorship with CBS Sport and what we hope to be a long-term partnership. CBS Sport is an important contributor to the student environment at CBS. Across study programmes and across undergraduates and graduates students CBS Sport promotes an active student society. Djøf is very pleased to support that”.

About Djøf:

Djøf is a professional organisation for lawyers and law students as well as business administration and social science graduates and students. They represent over 84,000 members who work at all levels in the private and the public sector in Denmark and abroad, and a large proportion of Djøf members are students.