CBS Sport Womens football team starts of with a win

Saturday August 22nd the girls’ football team kicked off the new season with a game against IF Føroyar. At the same time it was also the fist game back in Series 1. In spite of difficulties finding players (as always), a couple of injuries, the players not knowing each other, people being on holiday, and so on, we still managed to get a good start and kick off the season with a win like the men’s teams had done it. However, there was quite a pressure to win, as we definitely didn’t wanted to be the first team to lose.

1st half

As coach didn’t knew all the players too well and we didn’t know each other or the level of IF Føroyar, coach decided to start with a more defensive line up with only Knudsen on top. However, it was clear to see from the beginning that we were better players especially with the ball. So we came out strong and had most of the play and a couple of chances already in the beginning of the game. After 20’ play Knudsen had the first really huge chance alone with the keeper after good play with Eva and Birita, unfortunately she’s got a bit too much time and tries to place the shot in the left corner, but it goes right pass the post. Then in the middle of the first half Knudsen and Birita swaps places, which shows to be very beneficial cause shortly after Knudsen sends a brilliant pass down the centre of the field to Birita, who gets control over the ball and determined kicks the ball into the goal; 0-1! In the rest of the first half CBS seems to slow down a gear or 2 looking a bit tired, especially our two borrowed Faeroe Island players look very tired sitting/laying down on the fields whenever the ball is out to much enjoyment of the spectators. IF Føroyar gets more play as the game continues, however they are rarely really dangerous and whenever they get close to goal the centre defence and Tine clears away everything.

2nd half

The second half looks more or less like the beginning of the first with CBS having most of the play and IF Føroyar a rare guest in the CBS zone. Shortly into the second half Birita has a huge chance again after good play from Eva & Knudsen, unfortunately she also has bit too much time and it ends in nothing. In the second half Karina and Birgitta swaps places with means that we gain more or less fully control over the midfield as Brigitte and Eva rules the centre with great backup from Mette and Nanna. After 18’ play and good CBS pressure Birgitte gets the ball and shots it nicely with a ‘felt out side kick’ in a huge loop over the chanceless goalie..-what a goal!!! After this CBS tries to cruise control the game as everyone is really tired. Unfortunately, we get a bit to unconcentrated which results in first a yellow card to Elsa Maria, as she is way too late in a tackle from behind, and shortly after a penalty committed by Birita from a tackle directly on the IF Føroyar player’s leg. IF Føroyar exploits the great chance though Tine is close to getting her hands on the ball. After this IF Føroyar gains a bit momentum and even have a couple of good tries in the last 10 minutes of the game, however Tine is in full control and have one great save after the other throwing herself into both ball and opponents, a great game from our substituting keeper. In spite of this last minutes chaos, CBS Sport gets the victory, which is well deserved, simply from being better football players. From the look of it this if definitely promising and this might show to be the best season ever for the CBS Football Girls’ Team, the material is definitely there.

Goals: Birita (assist: Knudsen), Birgitte (assist: Knudsen)

Yellow Card: Elsa Maria

Line up

Goalie: Tine
Defence: Elsa Maria, Birgitte, Christel, Sandra
Midfield: Nanna, Karina, Birita, Ása, Eva
Striker: Knudsen
Subs: Mette, Kimmi