CBS Women Handball – The Christmas party drawback

Round five, and the christmas party drawback

As we already knew, this was going to be a really exciting match. Nine out of eleven players attended the yearly CBS sport christmas party, just hours before the game. We had great fun, and some of us joined the party until the lights came on.

The atmosphere in the wardroob was just great, and we all really wanted to win. The pep talk was about margins, and this time we thought we deserved the margins on our side! This was clearly easier said, than done. FIF 3 is a really good handball team, the referee is probably the worst in our league, and combined with us hitting the post about seven times, this was a really hard game.

We actually started a bit better than usual, with a great defense already in the first minutes. However, the attacks didn´t really work out, and this was the fact that should be decisive for the final result. By the intermission, we were behind with four goals. In the beginning of the second half, we finally got to equalize, and the score said 12-12. But then, out of nowhere, the scoreboard said 12-17. This was a result of poor attacks from our side, and promptly counter attacks from FIF 3. From here, the game was not very exciting, and it ended 17-20.

This makes it really hard for us to reach our target of top3 placement in this season, but we will not give up, and are really looking forward to round two and the revenge of the three last games. We still have three more games to play in this round, and of course we are hungry for three winning matches. The first one out is Team København 2, which played drawn against FIF 3 (23-23). Another exciting match to come!

The player of the match: Helle Jensen