Christmas Party 2010 – What a night!

On Saturday the 27th of November 2010, CBS Sport Party Crew had arranged the annual Christmas Party, equivalent to the Danish “julefrokost”, where over 100 members participated. And what a night! The 160kr cost of the party included fabulous classic “julefrokost”-food and snaps, a great dj who made the dancefloor smoking hot and student friendly prices in the bar. What’s not to love?!

It is a tradition that some of the sports award their Player of the Year at the Christmas Party, and this year wasn’t an exception. CBS Sport Football Men awarded Hannes Blaas from the 1st team and Sondre Valheim from the 2nd team. CBS Sport Football Women awarded Camilla Carlsen aka. CC as Player of the Year, furthermore the team chose to give thanks to the three guys who had volounteered as referees throughout the season and their coach, who’s leaving.

Also CBS Sport Handball Men had some kind of award show, reflecting their team building day, they’d spent the day with. Unfortunately the names of the awarded persons has disappeared, together with the snaps.
The party ended at 2am where a few people had enough energy to go to other bars, whereas the majority went home to find their beds.

The Party Crew would like to thank everyone for participating in the party and also encourage everyone interested to join the Party Crew, as they can never get too many volounteers. If interested contact Mette at