Dodgeball 2016

Yet again, on March 11th, Porcelænshaven turned into a dodgeball court full of team spirit, energetic dodgeballers and supportive fans, thanks to our wonderful volunteers.

CBS Sport, for another year, organized a very successful dodgeball tournament, but it would not be as amazing without the great DJ, who added some dance moves around the court, Nexus, who kept our alcoholic-happiness-level up high and of course our commentators, CBS Radio, who put even more excitement in the hall!

All teams were eager to win the prize, giving their best on the court, being supported by their awesome fans. Not only was there team spirit within the teams, but also across teams when they were cheering for each other to knock out the other teams! If you have not been there, you have missed on all that high level of energy, all the great moves on the court and the crowd enjoying their beers with the best music on campus!

Not only did everyone participate and had fun playing, cheering dancing and drinking, but most of the teams were dressed amazingly to represent their team personality and put on a good show for the audience! Yes, even the best-costumed team, as well as the team with the best team spirit was rewarded.

So, who were the winners?

On behalf of CBS Sport, we congratulate the Dodgeball Tournament 2016 winners:

1st place: Alpha Wolf Squadron Pink

2nd place: De Øl-lympiske 6 !

3rd place: E.ON

Best Team Costume: À la pêche aux moules moules moules frites façon

Best team spirit: Best Gym

This years’ Dodgeball Tournament was a blast!

We also thank everyone, who participated and was part of this years’ CBS Sport Dodgeball Tournament, making the event even better!

You can find the official pictures from the tournament on CBS Sport’s Fanpage on Facebook here. You can also find a few more “live” pictures and videos on the Facebook event.

Best regards,

Melda Arikan
Event Manager

As usual, we welcome all of you, who is interested to become a volunteer either as an Event Coordinator or as an Event Volunteer for the day. For any inquiries please write to Melda at