Events in the spring at CBS Sport

In the coming months a lot of stuff is going to happen at CBS Sport.

Mercuriales and other tournaments

Most of you probably heard of the trip to Mercuriales nearby Versailles, France. It is the same tournament as CBS Sport participated in, 3 years ago and the CBS Sporters who went there only has good stuff to say about the tournament. The tournament takes place on the 7th-10th of April, has a variety of sports; handball, football, basketball, volleyball, rugby and tennis, and a rumor of throwing great parties! CBS Sport has a tradition of bringing home a majority of the trophies, so of course we expect nothing less this year. To read more about last year’s trip to the EuroCup in Paris, click here!

As not all sports were interested in going to the Mercuriales, CBS Sport are looking in to other tournaments abroad. Volleyball has already found a tournament in Barcelona and the CBS Sport Football Women are planning on going to Spain in the fall, so make sure to keep yourself posted to find out whether your team is going somewhere for a great experience.

This winter

Throughout the winter, CBS Sport Basketball, CBS Sport Handball and CBS Sport Floorball has been playing. CBS Sport Basketball Men has been doing well in the Series, where they are in the lead. CBS Sport Floorball looks like they are going to stay in their 2nd Division, as well as CBS Sport Handball are doing well both in the East Cup and the respective series. To see more about standings and tournament program, go to the different sports.

The coming spring

As the days are getting brighter and the degrees (some days) are nearly human, the outdoor season are as well approaching. CBS Sport Football are looking forward to start the season in mid-April, but the men’s team has already got some match practice as they have been attending the FIU’s Winter Tournament and both the men’s and the women’s team got some friendly matches planned in March. Furthermore both CBS Sport Rugby and CBS Sport Cricket are ready for season-“take-off” within the next few months.

Lastly CBS Sport Badminton and CBS Sport Tennis are up and running, so don’t hesitate to contact the sports responsible if you want to join in.

Besides the abovementioned there is always a chance of new and not yet planned events throughout the year, so make sure to keep yourself updated via the homepage.