Extraordinary General Meeting

CBS Sport hereby invite you to an Extraordinary General Meeting on October 27th at 18.00, Dalgas Have (DSV074).

The Meeting has been requested by the board since the financial report is now ready for approval.

Agenda for the AGM

  1. Election of chairperson and keeper of the minutes
  2. Approval of the financial report for the previous year (2014)
  3. Handling of amendment to the constitution
  4. Election of Treasurer
  5. Any other business

The EGM is open for everyone interested and is quorum when duly summoned. Everyone attending who has been members more than 3 months, cf. Paragraph 3, has the right to vote.

Documents you should read through before you attend the EGM:

Annual report 2014
Amendment to the constitution
If you have any questions to the annual report, we ask you to send them to Stine at chairman@cbs.dk no later than Friday 23rd, and the board will answer them at the General Meeting.

Please sign up here.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Best regards,
CBS Sport