Fan Event: Double Promotion!

CBS Sport Football has four 11v11 mens’ teams:

  • The S2 team (Serie 2, 2014/15)
  • Magee’s Boys (Serie 4, Fall 2014)
  • CBS Internazionale (Serie 4, Fall 2014)
  • CBS Alumni (Serie 5, Fall 2014)

Saturday the 1st of November, Magee’s Boys and CBS Internazionale are both playing their final match of the season and both playing for promotion to Serie 3!

CBS Internazionale

The coach of CBS Internazionale, Jesper Jacobsen, came to CBS Sport in August 2013, and after the very succesful try-outs he proclaimed to a bunch of the old players of the team, that this was going to be big.. And so it did!

After getting promoted last season to Serie 4, CBS Internazionale has had yet another great season with only one defeat, one tie and seven victories. With one match less than the current no. 1, Jægersborg Bk., CBS Internazionale is favorites in the race for first place! See the standings here.

With prominent international students such as Captain Martin ‘Mr. Reliable’ Eskilsson, Mats ‘Beast Mode’ Wiik, Guille ‘El Flaco’ Heredia and Mats ‘Robben’ Haugum, CBS Internazionale is steering straight for a back to back promotion!

In their last match of the season they’re playing against our frenemies, FC Culpa – and after S2’s defeat aginst FC Culpa’s first team, a proper revenge would be a win and promotion!


Magee’s Boys

Last season the S4 team ended in the middle of the table as no. 6 out of 12. Since the current coach, Stefán Ómar Stefánsson, was convinced to take the spot as assistant and goalkeeper coach at the S2 team, Michael ‘Magic’ Magee agreed to be the coach of the S4 team.

Michael ‘Magic’ Magee when he was an active player at the S4 team

During the fall season the team has developed greatly and didn’t have a defeat until last Sunday where HB won against them 2-0. They are current no. 1 with two matches left and 4 points down to number two – promotion as no. 1 is very much within reach! See the standings here.

See stars such as Teis Waldorff, Uffe Kalhøj, Leopold Jahl, Youssef Mohamed, Eirik Arnesen, Lars Rye Petersen, Felix Haufe and Jakob Johannesen when they face current no. 2, VLI, in the last match of the season!


Double Promotion

CBS Sport Football Council is currently working on getting the matches to be played at the same time at pitches next to each other, so our awesome supporters can watch and cheer for both teams. Afterwards the two football teams will throw a big party at the Club Room to celebrate their great supporters and hopefully two great victories and promotions!

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