Fantasy Football is ready for takeoff!

Fantasy Football is ready for another season

Fantasy Football is ready for another season and this time even more detailed and with the possibility to sub between every round.

Last season the Fantasy Football Game was won by Thomas Staalager, with Andreas Hejsel second and Jeppe Svendsen third, giving Thomas and Andreas tickets for the Christmas Party and Jeppe a contribution to the ticket.

Thomas Staalager won with 13507 points – appr. 600 points ahead of Andreas. But last season only points gained by the picked players and coaches counted and you could sub free of charge.

This season you also gain points (interest) on your money in the bank and for every sub you make it costs you 1% in transfer cost.

We look forward to see how this will affect the game – together with the even more detailed statistics that should help all game participants to choose the right players for their team.

You participate by downloading a sign-up form where you pick 11 players and one coach from the four 11v11 teams of CBS Sport Football.

The cost of participating is DKK 25 and the prize you can win is a ticket for the legendary CBS Sport Summer Party!

Deadline for signing up is Sunday the 6th of April at 8:45!

Read much more and sign up here.

Good luck all!