Fantasy Football Spring 2010 is over and the winner is..

  1. Thomas Staalager
  2. Cecilie Rasmussen
  3. Jonas Valentiner

All good things comes to an end, and so does the Fantasy Football.

During the spring season 14 CBS Footballers has competed in the first edition of the CBS Sport Fantasy Football, and it was close all the way through the season. Even though Thomas took the lead from the first round Cecilie, Jonas Valentiner and Jens was close to him all the way.

Before the last round Cecilie was only about 200.000 pts after Thomas. Even though there was more than 200.000 pts between their results from the last round it was in favor of Thomas, and he won the spring season Fantasy Football.
I congratulate him with his well deserved victory.

In the fight for the second position Valentiner was 287.000 pts after Cecilie after second round and Cecilie was more looking to beat Thomas than to secure her second position. Valentiner almost took profit from that. With the second largest score (only beaten by 8.000 pts by Thomas) he got 249.000 pts more than Cecilie, but was still 38.000 pts short of taking the second place.

Besides that it was a funny round, since only Jens (besides the three aforementioned) got a positive result for the round. The worst Fantasy Footballer was Birita who got -333.000 pts. In the bottom Anders got -243.000 pts and ended with only 742.000 pts total for all 4 rounds, almost 5 million less than Thomas.

The full scoreboard can be found here: (unfortunately the page has been removed, red.)

Thank you for a great season and welcome back to Fantasy Football Fall 2010 to all CBS Sport Players!

Best Regards

Casper Koll