First game of the season – CBS Sport vs. B93

Weather was looking alright this fine Sunday “morning”: a little bit sun and a little bit wind. But both the sun and the wind turned up the volume as the match started, resulting in most of the game being played in the one side of the field (because of the wind) and a slightly sunburn to some of us

In the beginning of the game it became clear that the odds were a bit against us. We were a rather new line-up, had a pretty strong head/side wind, an aggressive opponent, and during the first 4-5 minutes we were down with 2 goals.
The first goal was totally “by the book”: a B93-player sneaked into the six yard box while too many CBS-players were struggling with an attacker on the side – the attacker of course just passed the ball to the player in the six yard box and she sent it into the goal just by standing in the right spot (so Jon Dahl!)
Second goal, was a long ball going towards the goal, an attacker catching up with it and a defender trying to catch up with the attacker. The defender was helpless in getting the ball and of course the goalkeeper was too late to leave the goal and stop the ball: 0-2.

Obviously CBS Sport Women weren’t feeling that good about themselves at this point, but somehow we managed to get into the game again and keep B93 from our goal and actually get some good chances at their goal.

Only at the end of the first half it went wrong again, when B93 had a corner and the goalkeeper managed to shout “I GOT IT!” – without getting it… 0-3 and halftime.

Halftime presented a bit of a disappointed coach who had one crucial thing for us; be aggressive! From the side he’d been watching us being outplayed, because B93 was so much more aggressive and managed to have two players on the ball every time we as much as looked at it. So renewed team spirit and the words “be aggressive!” going like a mantra in our heads we entered the pitch, eager to kick some ass And we did!

All of sudden tables were turned and during the first 10-15 minutes Eva had scored two nicely made goals! 2-3!

Unfortunately that was also the score at the end of the game. During the last half hour there were both excellent attacks with great chances, good defence and even the goalkeeper had some nice saves.

But 2-3 was the final score – but with that said, we believe that we can do better and after 90 minutes on the pitch (give or take) we managed to remember how to play football again and got to know how to find our team players

Eva ended up being “Man of the Match” and the girl with most scores. Well done!

Birita, Darija, Mette, Tara, Christina Dannow, Christina Hansen, Karina, Lone, Marta, Nanna, Elodie, Eva, Line and Cecilie – and coach Jørgen.
Jørgen was experimenting quite a lot with the positions, so it’s not that easy to say where people played, so I won’t.

We even had some great cheerleaders on the side! Thanks!

Written by Cecilie (the goalkeeper who chose to write about herself in third person)