Football: 2nd Round of the Danish Cup

2nd Round of the Danish Cup: CBS Sport Football vs. FB

CBS Sport Football Men is facing FB’s Københavnsserie team in two weeks at Frederiksberg Idrætspark!

Date: Wednesday the 7th of May
Time: 18:30 (please note the changed kick-off time!)
Venue: Frederiksberg Idrætspark, Sønderjyllands Allé 4, 2000 Frederiksberg

After taking down Copenhagen Zebras in the first round of the Cup Tournament, the Series 3 team from CBS Sport Football is ready for 2nd round where FB (Frederiksberg Boldklub) awaits.

FB is playing in Københavnersserien (tier 5 league in Denmark) and currently ranked 5 out of 14, and won 2-0 in match against VLI in the first round of the Cup. You can read their summary of the match here (in Danish).

CBS Sport is currently ranked no. 1 in Series 3 with the highest positive goal difference in the table, and playing for promotion to Series 2. This means that CBS Sport is currently 3 series lower than FB.

It is fair to say that CBS Sport is the underdog in this match and the team hope for a lot of support to help them move on further in the cup tournament and make it even further than last year when they were defeated in the 3rd round when they met Jægersborg (a team that, at the time, was also in Københavnersserien).

This is why we need as much support as possible! The Panther will be present, the drum will be present, there’ll be beer and food and hopefully a bunch of supporters will come along ready to cheer CBS Sport all the way to victory!