Football commits to videotape matches

CBS Sport Football commits to videotape matches

Two football players have decided to make recordings of a number of matches this fall and compile it to short videos for the masses!

On Tuesday the 13th of August, Thomas Staalager (coach of the Serie 3 team) and Cecilie Bruhn Rasmussen (team responsible of the women’s 11-a-side team) met up at football practice at Jens Jessens Vej to sign a two-page agreement.

The Agreement

After long negotiations – primarily a long-long facebook thread that started of as comments on 1way FF’s video of their match against CBS Sport – eight bullets were written down, defining how many matches should be recorded, what should be recorded at the matches and what the consequences of breach of the agreement would mean.

On behalf of CBS Sport, CFO and Board Member Christoffer Larsen provided the equipment for the recordings on the 11th of August, and both Thomas and Cecilie were eager to get started with the recording.

First test was the practice match between CBS Sport and Brønshøj on the 14th of August, where Thomas afterwards edited this short teaser together:

We can’t wait to see the coming videos from the football season!

CBS Sport TV on YouTube

CBS Sport has a YouTube channel – – where the final edited videos will be posted.

Hopefully this will be the start on more videos from CBS Sport – in the past primarily CBS Sport SKI, CBS Sport Handball and CBS Sport Rugby been active on that part. And then of course there was the awesome CBS Sport Dodgeball Movie!

We’ll of course keep you posted here on the website and at the fanpage on facebook – and if Thomas and Cecilie fails to fulfill the agreement, we will most certainly make sure to record some interviews with them asking them what went wrong.