Football Men 1 and 2 both suffered defeat..

CBS Sport vs. FC Nanoq

Sunday June 13 2010

Result: 4-7 (3-4)

Emanuel De “Balotelli” Duonni
Frederik “Stomach Problems” Fogde
Mads “John Mayor” Krabbe
Ali “The Turk” Öztürk
Stefan OOOOOOmar Stefansson
Baptiste “Houdini” Léonardi
Stefan “Mr Versatile” Jensen
Allan “Princess” Kristiansen
Niels “Sweet Sixteen” Jepsen
Martin “Wolfie” Wolf
Christian “The Gardener” Tinggaard
Johan “Don’t Know”

A quite dramatic start on the match offered on a red card to Fred for stopping a ball in the penalty field, which left the team one man down. Later on Emanuel managed to kick the ball after the referee had whistlet, so a yellow card there aka. 10 minutes out and then CBS Sport was down to 8 on the pitch.. Quite challenging.. But at some point CBS was actually up on 3-3, but unfortunately FC Nanoq scored another goal before half time.. Half time result: 3-4

In second half FC Nanoq got another goal, but with 25 minutes left, CBS Sport got a goal and smelled a point, but unfortunately FC Nanoq denied this, with a goal and then another. End result: 4-7

CBS Sport vs. HB

Sunday June 13 2010

Result: 1-2 (1-0)

Goal: Koll
Defense: Dybkjær, Sandal, Beck, Øland
Midfield: Mikkel, Mads, Femi
Off Midfield: Ramus N., Valentiner
Striker: Magee
Sub: Jens

Goal: Magee (P)

Originally 14 players was ready for the match, but one got sick and Thomas Staalager mananed to get injured (an old hamstring) after 2 seconds warm-up, so all of a sudden they were down to 12 players.. Additionally a referee had got injured, so the referee assigned to the CBS Sport match had to go to the other match as it was higher ranking. So Thomas ended up being the referee of the game.

After something like two minutes, Sandal gets taken down in the penalty field and the penalty was ruled without any big protests. Magee was put forward to take it, and he managed to shoot it on the keeper but picked up the return nicely and got it in the goal; 1-0 to CBS Sport! Other than that first half had good play, even though HB’s no. 13 spent a lot of time throwing himself attempting to get freekicks and penalties, but without any luck, only a warning of getting a card for acting if he continued. At the end of first half Valentiner managed to more or less get kicked in the head.. So he was helped of the pitch and patched up, ready for second half.

Second half unfortunately turned out in favour of HB. After only a few minutes Øland managed to make a wrong turn resulting in a stupid twist of pain so that he couldn’t continue the run after the player and he continued to the goal were Sandal and Koll made an effort to stop HB, but after two safes returning to HB they got it on the third attempt; 1-1..
Only 10 minutes later HB got through the defense and made the score 2-1, which resulted in the entire tempo of the match to get a set-back.. Furthermore CBS Sport suffered with both big and minor injuries throughout the match, so the team had a remarkable flow in the replacements.

A few minutes before the match ended Valentiner managed to go into a tackle way too late, which resulted in a yellow card and CBS Sport being one man down.. But the match ended 1-2, and despite that CBS Sport decided to do the victory celebration on behalf of HB anyway and enjoyed themselves with laugther and champagne!