Football Men 1 starts the spring season with a win!

12 matches left, 15 points up to number two in the league and a dream of reaching (at least) the second position in the league to gain promotion was the clear facts before CBS Sport Football’s first team’s first tournament match of the season. For the goal of promotion a few month from now to be reached there can only be few if any mistakes in the spring season, and hence only a victory counted in todays match against DASAC.

The match started better than anyone could have hoped for. After only 10 minutes of play Trieu was alone with the keeper and tried to make a shot on goal, the keeper used his hands outside the box to save the shot. We were awarded a free-kick and the keeper was send out with a red card – but it only got better. On the following free-kick, Trieu shot on the cross-bar and Jonas Sandal was on the rebound and headed the ball in for a 1-0 lead. With DASAC one man down and a lead after 10 minutes the ground for a victory was founded. The 2-0 goal came only 15 minutes later with a long ball from Michael Winstrøm up the right side to Trieu and this time Trieu scored on his chance. 2-0 was also the score at half time

The score at half time was a little misleading, DASAC was playing pretty well even though they were one man down. In the second half DASAC startet putting a higher pressure on us, and we had a hard time keeping them away from the goal. One of their strikers was very fast and good with the ball, and he caused a lot of problems for our central defence. Half way through the second half, DASAC was kick-stared with a doubtful penalty after Sondre took the ball away from one of their strikers. The penalty was easily converted to a goal, and only one goal down DASAC saw a light ahead. They kept pressuring high, and from a long ball over our defence they evened out the game. 2-2 was the score after 75 minutes.

Maybe it was because they were one man down, but a long ball up in our right side completely opened up DASAC’s defence and a flat pass from Mikkel to Trieu in the center tore up the last part of their defence and Trieu could score in an empty goal. That gave us a 3-2 lead which was also the final score.

Starting lineup:

Keeper: Casper Koll
Sweeper: Jonas Rasmussen
Defenders: Jonas Sandal, Felix Haufe
Wing-backs: Mikkel Søndergaard, Michael Winstrøm
Midfielders: Tobias Holz, Allan Kristiansen, Joachim Satchwell
Attackers: Till Schlumberger, Trieu Nguyen
Subs: Sondre Valheim, Mads Munk Rasmussen, Ondrej Broz

Goals: Jonas Sandal (1), Trieu Nguyen (2)
Assists: Trieu Nguyen (1), Michael Windstrøm (1), Mikkel Søndergaard (1)
Man of the match: Casper Koll

Written by Casper Koll