Football Men 1st team vs. Bk. Stefan

CBS Sport Football Men 1 vs. Bk. Stefan
Date: 3rd of May
Venue: Frederiksberg IP


Goal: Rasmus Bundgaard
Defense: Jonas Rasmusssen – Jonas Kristensen – Jonas Sandal – Janus Olsen
Midfield: Robin Lorvik – Erik-Thomas von der Fehr
Offensive Midfield: Rasmus Skjold Nielsen – Manuel Erzuah – Frederik Leen
Striker: Andreas Thune Andersen

Subs: Mathias Jørgensen

The match

The match started with a red card for Jonas Kristensen three minutes in and a penalty for Bk. Stefan. Quite a set-back. And to make things worse it only took about 10 minutes more before the score was 0-2 and everything looked up hill.

Few minutes later Jonas Sandal got himself a yellow card and ten minutes suspension for a hard tackle, leaving CBS Sport with 9 players and in need of a somewhat miracle.

At least it looked like CBS Sport wouldn’t back down – despite their unluck, they managed to get some good chances too, and Coach Thomas changing the formation seemed to be working as well. Unfortunately short before half time, Bk. Stefan exploits bad marking in the defense and gets their third goal for 0-3..

After half time it seemed as if the team had gotten power juice or something, because only two minutes in our reporter writes; “Godlike playmaking skills from der Spielführer Robin who finds Frederik “the lightning” Leen in the box whom with elegance and quickness rounds the keeper and puts CBS back in this game!” – 1-3!

Less than ten minutes later a free kick executed by Robin, gets headed on by Thune to Rasmus who “smashes the ball in the net!” – 2-3!

With about twenty minutes left, Thune gets taken down in the penalty area by the goalkeeper – the ref’s whistle seemed silence, but as the situation more or less repeats itself a few minutes later, the ref came to his senses and ruled a penalty and yellow card for the goalkeeper.

Robin Lorvik nicely executed the penalty and got CBS Sport up to 3-3.

See the full live updates on facebook here and live score on A big thanks to Malte and Birita for keeping us updated!

Coach Thomas has also been interviewed by – read it here (in Danish)

In retrospect

End result: 3-3 (draw)
Goals: 1-3 Frederik (assist: Robin), 2-3 Rasmus (assist: Thune), 3-3 Robin (penalty)
Cards: Jonas Kristensen (red), Jonas Sandal (yellow)
Man of the Match: Manuel Erzuah