Football Men is through to the second cup round

Today CBS Sport Football Men played against Hajduk SPuL in the first round of the Danish cup tournament. As you see in every big cup, like the FA Cup, Copa del Rey, etc. it was full of tension and fight.

Match Summary

CBS Sport didn’t start well and there was a lot of misplaced passes in the first quarter of the match. However, that changed when we got a corner, which José putted into the box, where it ended up at Allan’s feet. Allan finished nicely and putted it in behind the keeper for a 1-0 lead. Shortly after, another corner was given and again José crossed it, this time into the head of Andreas Hejsel, who easily scored CBS Sports second goal for a 2-0 lead.


In the second half, the roles switched and CBS Sport was putted under pressure early in the second half. After about 30 minutes Hajduk SPuL scored to 2-1 and kept the pressure on CBS Sport. A nice strike drawed the match to 2-2 with less than ten minutes left of the match.

If it was because Hajduk SPuL was getting ready for overtime or CBS Sport just found some extra power late in the game is hard to say, but we were able to create a few chances late in the game. First a nice cross from Nicolai that Andreas finished with a heroic diving header, but the keeper made a good save. With only one minute left of the game, Lars was toying with their right full-back and got to the byline and crossed it flat to Theis. Theis was, however, not that accurate and finished outside the post. BUT the keeper was in a hurry to get home to watch the Champions League Semi Final and decided to “save” it into the goal to a 3-2 lead. Even though Theis claimed the goal to be his, everyone at the pitch knew it was an own goal that gave CBS Sport the victory in this important match.

This was the first match towards European competition in the 2013/14 season. Come and cheer for us in the second round, which will be played at Kløvermarken on the 9th of May at 18:30 against FC Sydhavnen!