Football Men Team 2 vs. Østerbro IF

CBS Sport Football Men Team 2 vs. Østerbro IF

Date: Saturday 13th of April 2013
Time: 15:30
Place: Ryparken Idrætsanlæg

Finally! The day of the season premiere had arrived. Confidence has been high amongst the Team 2 players given the strong performances in the Winter Tournament, which led to a 2nd place. Therefore, the goal of the season is clear – promotion at any cost.

In order to reach the goal Coach Thomas had selected all 11 players available and 3 stand-ins from the other two teams. It is great to see the support from the other teams, but a little disappointing that Team 2 cannot provide 14 players on its own. That has to be better from now on!

Starting XI

Goal: Teis
Defense: Jan – Magnus – Florian – Lasse
Defensive Midfielder: C.J.
Midfield: Wasiem – Lars – Troels (C) – Fabian
Striker: Magee
Substitutes: Alexander, Brenøe and Rasmus

Before the match both Teis and Jan were doubtful due to injuries, but after a more or less intense warm-up both were ready for action.

1st half

Østerbro won the coin toss and selected to have the wind in their backs. Whether it was the wind or the fact that CBS Sport once again had a new defence is hard to tell, but Østerbro came flying towards the goal. However, most of their finishes lacked quality but it was worrying to see how easily they were able to create chances.

After a shaky start, CBS Sport got more in control. Simple short passes in the middle and then off to the wingers seemed to be the recipe for success. But every time CBS Sport came close on goal, it seemed we were either lacking a shoe size or took too long to finish.

The first half finished goalless, but as it had not been pretty and we had given up too many chances for Østerbro, Thomas decided to change the formation and line-up for the 2nd half. The 4-5-1 was turned into a classic 4-4-2: Teis; Lasse, Magnus, Alex, Rasmus; Wasi, C.J., Lars, Brenøe; Fabian, Magee (C).

2nd half

From the start of the second half it seemed to be the right thing to do. CBS Sport were in control and especially the right side created a lot of dangerous chances. Unfortunately Brenøe didn’t have the strongest finish with his head, but also Magee lacked his usual coolness in front of goal.

Even though it did not seem like it, Østerbro were also on the pitch in second half. As in first half their strategy was a traditional Norwegian football approach, which obviously was not successful. However, the referee was in his giving corner and awarded Østerbro a couple of free kicks on the edge of the area. But none of the finishes were good enough to trouble the semi-injured CBS Sport keeper.

As known to most (apparently not Østerbro), patience is a virtue and this saying seemed to be the key to CBS Sport this Saturday.

A great attack from the right side was finished by a great cross from Wasi and in the middle of the box Brenøe came on to the ball and was able to beat the struggling Østerbro keeper. This was copied about 15 minutes before the final whistle. Once again Brenøe came on to a cross from the right side and with the inside of his right foot he was able to beat the keeper once again.

The rest of the game was CBS Sport all-over and the frustration of the Østerbro players cost a booking in the last ten minutes.

After 90 minutes plus some, the referee blew the final whistle and CBS Sport Football Men Team 2 secured its first win of the season. Based on especially the second half the 2-0 win was well-deserved and it could have been more with a bit of luck. With four votes Wasi was voted Man of the Match in front of goal scorer Brenøe, who received three votes. Even though they have not been mentioned the central midfielders Lars and C.J. played a great game and kept a perfect balance between the offense and defense.

Result: 2-0 (win!)
Goals: 1-0 Brenøe (2nd half), 2-0 Brenøe (2nd half)
Man of the Match: Wasi