Football Men vs. DASAC

CBS Sport Football Men vs. DASAC

Date: 11th of April 2013
Time: 20:45
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej

CBS Sport Sport Football Men’s 1st team had about 1,000 burned chances in this match against DASAC. But despite that, they pulled a victory of 4-2!

1st half

CBS Sport could’ve been ahead after 1.5 minutes, but unfortunately Mathias missed his free run chance. Fortunately he made ​​it up to the team and later scored to 1-0. Vegard expanded the lead to 2-0, which DASAC reduced to 2-1 shortly before half time.

2nd half

At the beginning of the second half DASAC scored another goal to 2-2, but after a few yellow cards and some offensive subs by the coach, CBS Sport got towards another goal, this time by Joachim to 3-2 and Mathias closed the deal with another score.

Result: 4-2
Goals: 1-0 Mathias, 2-0 Vegard, 3-2 Joachim, 4-2 Mathias
Cards: Robin
Man of the Match: Robin